At the Lasik Service, utmost care is taken to ensure patient safety and consistent results. That’s why we use advanced technology to minimize the chances of damage to the vision. We are proud to say that at present, we are the only center in the country offering “Completely Blade free” customizable Femtosecond Laser LASIK solutions. The approach at the Prolasik Service combines the Advanced Blade Free Femtosecond Laser, tissue sparing and fastest Excimer Laser, a thorough pre-operative diagnosis and the use of single use disposables for the surgery. This rare combination makes it the safest number removal approach.

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  • Blade free (All-Laser) procedure
  • 100% disposables to ensure minimum risk of infection
  • Enhanced safety, precision and predictability of the procedure
  • Thorough preoperative evaluation and stringent patient selection to ensure Safety
  • Reduced risk of dry eyes and vision threatening complications

What Are Refractive Errors?

What are the types of Refractive errors?

  • myopia (nearsightedness): difficulty in seeing distant objects clearly;
  • hyperopia (farsightedness): difficulty in seeing close objects clearly;
  • astigmatism: distorted vision resulting from an irregularly curved cornea, the clear covering of the eyeball.
  • presbyopia: which leads to difficulty in reading or seeing at arm’s length, it is linked to ageing and occurs almost universally.
  • What is lasik?

    LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis, which means using a laser underneath a corneal flap (in situ) to reshape the cornea (keratomileusis). This procedure uses a highly specialized laser specially designed to treat refractive errors, improve vision, and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. This laser procedure alters the shape of the cornea and makes the vision clearer.

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